Every field research done by CRERD starts with a well designed training plan. Large complex projects may require a first level of Training of Trainers (ToT) who will then cascade the training at the next level to their fieldwork team. Training takes place either at our Ile Ife offices or as near to the research site as possible. The latter solution allows us to pilot a research instrument under ideal test conditions.
General training workshops/seminars:
i) Research Methodology
As an offshoot of a renown university and a research based organisation, we cannot overemphasize our attachment to excellent research methods and ethics. Because we are a network of people from various disciplines, we constantly reaffirm the foundations of good research. These courses are provided not only to our members but to the general interested public.

ii) Data analysis packages
Quantitative and qualitative data management and analysis packages are taught by CRERD's seasoned trainers. These specialists are also responsible for designing the analytical plan for each research project.

iii) Reproductive Health and Family Planning.
The training programmes include Evaluation, evaluation methodology, Operations Research (OR). Geographic Information System (GIS) on Reproductive Health and Family Planning specifically in the following areas.
1. Safe Motherhood and Post Abortion Care
2. STDs including HIV / AIDs
3. Family Planning
4. Adolescent Reproductive Health.
5. Breast Feeding
6. Nutrition
7. Basic evaluation and operations Research
8. Methodology in impact Evaluation

iv. Environment Planning and Management:
- Principles and Practice of Environmental Impact Assessment.
- Principles and Practice of Environmental Monitoring and Management.
General Purpose procedures
Special Purpose procedures
- Case studies: Nigerian and Overseas Experience
v. Research Methods and Computer Programming
vi. Population Dynamics and Epidemiology
vii. Geographic Information Systems
viii. Field Work Design Implementation 
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